Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Naturally Stiff

Despite the fact that stiffness is an inborn thing for me, I enjoy watching 'So You Think You Can Dance'. On and off though. So there's Season 7 right now, and my favourite is Alex Wong.

A ballet dancer, he was certainly a cut above the rest. He wowed the judges with his contemporary dance, Hallelujah with Allison Holker, and the hip-hop dance he was dreading with Twitch. Mom, Dad and I loved the hip-hop routine so much, we caught the repeat. AMAZING!

But, I found out he withdrew from the competition because he snapped his Achilles tendon during practice for a Bollywood and foxtrot (which I wish I could see!). Kinda defeats the purpose of watching SYTYCD. :(

I've been thinking (for a very long time now) of learning how to dance. And voilà! Inspiration!

But at 19 going on 20, the only dance experience I have are ballet at 3 for a few months (I cried and complained), some jumpy "I Love Jesus" dance as a kid, some embarassing dance in CF and 2007 Grad Night, and again in the following Grad Night. And my feeble attempt at mimicking my brother, which resulted in Mom laughing till she wanted to pee.

Badminton training resulted in me realising that I can only manage a 90° split. But at least I can touch my toes for a good 3 seconds. Some great dancer. I think I'd ROFL watching myself in the studio mirror.

I'm hoping to learn jazz. Think Broadway. But then again...


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