Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Is a DSLR really worth it?

If there's something that I need want is a better camera than a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S2000 of 10.1 MP, 3x optical zoom and not very good indoor/night shots.

Not good when almost all my assignments are indoors, poorly lit, or at night. Or with royalty (whom I can't get close enough to) around, or when a flash is unwelcomed. Or when professional photographers with intimidating DSLRs butt me out of the way with their big backpacks (or derrieres).

I need my MONEY $HOT!

So I did some mathematics to determine if getting a new camera is really worth my money:

Oh wait. There's a calculation error! It's actually 19 months worth of photos!

NO. Maybe not.


  1. I used to think like that but when I looked at those pics I took with my friend's DSLR, I'm having second thoughts.

    SO HOW??? To get? or not to get?

  2. Of course DSLR shots are better. I wouldn't mind one for sure! But I'm speaking in terms of whether it's worth it for my temporary job. So it's a no go.. :( I would have to burn 11 months' pay. But I'm only working for 8 months.

    *Note the calculation error! :P (too long away from math)


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