Sunday, October 17, 2010

World Sight Day

Mom spotted me squinting in front of the telly one afternoon when I was 6 while she carried the sun-dried clothes in. And that was the start of 13 years of short-sightedness.

Glasses then were less than attractive, plus, they were very expensive. I was so afraid my glasses would drop and I got upset when a boy in kindergarten ran into me and my glasses were knocked off my nose. Grandpa also called me Professor. ;)

It was pair after pair of unattractive glasses especially since Mom couldn't afford the nicer ones, which explains my terrible primary school pictures. =__=

My lens power has risen steadily over the years to a high -6 dioptres (negative sign denotes myopia). -6 D borders between medium myopia and high myopia. I also experience floaters, which are shadowy shapes like worms that appear to float in my line of vision. This is usually experienced by high myopes. Worrying, huh?

Wearing glasses is also extremely bothersome; I can't see when I swam, I lost my glasses in a dark wave pool, sweat blurs my view during badminton, foggy glasses while eating hot food...

But my nosebridge was finally 'liberated' by contact lenses! (Which I still find troublesome, and it opens your eyes to potential plagues of infections.)

Despite all that, I'm still grateful to have sight.

Thank God that you are able to read this.

Happy World Sight Day.

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