Sunday, August 1, 2010


A regular mundane Tuesday would just have seen me leaving school for home, lunch, a nap, dinner, then homeowork.

But a form of escapism for the Tuesday bore came in the form of Ee Ern; a good excuse to go out on a weekday!

Picking him up from MGS, we headed to the famous Kai Si Hor Fun place in old town, but, my terrible navigation skills made a simple journey into a trail around old town. Good food (at least to me) and a conversation after a year, afterwhich, we went to Jusco for Inception.

I must say that Inception was mind-boggling and interesting, no doubt, living up to all the praises by critics. The play of architecture by CGI was amazing especially during Ariadne's maiden dream manipulation; and the explosions were done using high-pressure nitrogen. Very cool. Graphics were good, and the movie kept me thinking for two and a half hours. Certainly not a no-brainer movie like Transformers. An attractive Joseph Gordon-Levitt in three-piece suits as Arthur the Point Man added some more decor. ;) And there was this zero gravity scene where he did without the help of CGI or green screens! I must stop spouting spoilers. It's definitely a must-watch masterpiece.

It was home, dinner and pasar malam. A day of eating, really. But that's what Ipoh is all about. Authentic good food, mostly.

When asked what is Ipoh famous for; the answer: food. When asked what do I do when I go out with friends; the answer: eat. You make my social life seem to unhappenning and porky lah! Haha.

Oh, and ulu me finally went to De Garden, although it's a stone's throw from my place, to check out the modern architecture that I've been very drawn to since it's construction. I like the play of lights, usage of water and foliage on the walls, and the minimalist designs. :) And from my horrible parking, he must've wondered why he had entrusted his safety to this terrible driver. Haha.

It has been a long time since I've had a good time like this, considering what STPM seems to do to us. :( But next up, a Burger King menu exploration! (YES, I have not been to BK yet)


Call me lazy, but I don't think I can spend 6 hours in school, 2 hours on tuition and 5 hours of study daily. But that's what virtually everyone is doing, especially my Chinese school classmates. The only thing they have to talk about are math formulae, benzene rings and high energy photons.

During my interview of actor Mano Maniam last Friday (yes, I interviewed him!), he said (rough quote), "If a person was a 'nerd', it is most likely that he would be ostracized. There were so many things to do and be involved in in school. Those days we didn't have terms like 'nerd' or 'get a life', but we would've used it."

I think if you "played too much" (like me), you'd be called a 'wild thing' and possibly ostracized. Role-reversal, yes. I think there's more to life than just studying. Skills and experience (NOT experience answering exam questions), for one, are so valuable to me. But most of them would see it as an excuse to not study.

I see vast differences between the mentalities of English medium school students and Chinese medium school students. But hey, there are some exceptions of course; I'm not generalising.

Everybody comes rushing to ask me things when we have MUET. Nobody bothers to inform teachers who've lost track of time, but they expect me to notify them. When someone finds a pencil, they expect me to announce it to the class when they bloody well have their own mouths. They take their own sweet time packing things to head to the labs, making me the last to go because I have to lock the doors. They need to be pushed like stubborn mules to join competitions. They don't do things to benefit the community.

Awesome shyte right? But there are exceptions.

This table needs more using.

So messy.


  1. Sadly that was the same condition with my class in Form 6. Some things never change do they.

    P.S. I did 45 crunches today and I mizzes you. Please come online? *super big schmile* :DDDD

  2. No they don't. It's so idiotic. :( Gets more idiotic everyday. And this is just a teeny bit of what's happening :(

    I mizzes you too :(


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