Saturday, July 10, 2010

HIGHPRAISE 2010: O Praise Him!

After a year of planning and months of work, HIGHPRAISE 2010 was a resounding success!

The kopitiam meetings, the fun practices, the rush. I miss all those, as busy as we were.

Adopting the theme Renewal, Revival, Revolution was certainly God's choice, as High Praise was a leaping stone for revival among Christian youth in Ipoh.

I can never forget
how I woke up at 8 to finish four banner proposals in an hour before leaving for Pesta the same day;
the launching service in MYC;
the crazy drive to CGBC for practice only to find out I'm the earliest;
the McD outdoors with Siew Toong and Eugene;
Kay Lynn's fear of balloons;
the rain that fell after Sarah sang Rain Down;
the geniuses Weng Hong and I were (HAHA);
the very tiring jumping;
the honey and lemons for all the sorethroats;
and how God was so real and evident throughout the planning and High Praise itself.

The turnout came up to about 260! The performances by the two dancers, Jerome and Jeremy Goh got the people clapping. Emceeing the night was a tough job, and I worked up a lingering sorethroat from my recent bout of illness.

But the main purpose was to praise God. And the Holy Spirit was indeed moving in Elim that night. People were singing praises to God, jumping, dancing and just worshipping Him. From the stage, it was simply amazing. Despite the fiery sorethroat, I managed to lead I Could Sing of Your Love which would've been impossible without God. Praise God!

Pastor Clement is an anointed speaker without doubt, and he got the crowd in stitches with his jokes. But, jokes aside, through the message, 19 people came to accept Christ into their lives and countless others rededicated themselves to God. Praise God!

We poured so much into High Praise, we've seen the Holy Spirit move, we've witnessed God's power, and we've also gained something in return, whether we've realised it or not. I know I have; the joy of seeing people coming to Christ, the friendships strengthened, the new friends made, the experience.

I really wish this group of people could work together again!

OH. An interesting thing: The Koreans came in as they needed to set up their stuff for their gig. The next night at Wesley, one Korean man recognised us and said that maybe we could collaborate next time! :D I was in [SUPER EXCITED STATE] that night.

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