Sunday, June 6, 2010

Command & Conquer

Break! A time to set accomplishable goals.

1. Clear up my organised-mess desk
2. Intense studying (ie. finish Physics)
3. Attend High Praise practices
4. Complete High Praise banner
5. Edit my publishing ladder
6. Math homework
7. Get my car washed and vacuumed
8. Pack for Pesta
9. Berpesta!

Sounds good. Accomplishable? Yes!

Work starts now.

I shall conquer you, STPM! *warcry*

Excitement because the Boys' Brigade Pesta is just around the corner! Although it's Mr. Foong's first time going for a camp, I'm just as excited as he is. It's our first ever Pesta and we're made squad leaders because we're primers! I hope all goes well. But yes, I'm extremely excited! :D


  1. I pray for you success!

    While you're studying hard, don't forget to take a break too!

    Have fun during the camp. =)

  2. Thank you!

    And for your success in Kelantan. Woohoo :)

  3. Mr.Foong???isit me??nt Ms.Foong???haha...
    my "Kekancheongan" made me cant slp yesterday...about 3am only i went to slp...haha...
    anyway~~~what i want to say is>>PESTA PESTA GO GO GO!!!^^v<<


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