Wednesday, June 9, 2010

All Too High

Are you ready for HIGH PRAISE 2010?

High Praise is an annual event organised by ACS CF.

Renewal, Revival, Revolution is the theme. Revolution seems to be the word for the year, from what I see and our CF is headed towards life-changing revolution. What can be a better way of revolutionising your life than thru the love of Christ?

Music has a way of reaching out and touching the lives of people. And that's exactly what High Praise is all about. Music, praise and worship, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

It doesn't matter if you're Christian or not. Come, and experience renewal, revival and revolution in your life! :) See you there.


I've been immersing myself in music since the hols began, especially the High Praise songs. Practice has been great and productive. But, we need prayers!

Please pray for:
- Sarah. The worship leader. Pray that God's anointing will be upon her and that God will use her to bring the people into a greater time of worship.
- The singers. Lukas, Adrian, Siew Toong, Mei Kei and myself. That our voices will be preserved (and strengthened) and that we'll be able to sing together in harmony.
- The guitarists. Stephen, Samuel and Eugene. That as they work out parts and practise, they'll be able to work in sync.
- The keyboardist. Kay Lynn. That she'll be awesome on that day! (She already is XD)
- The drummer. Benjamin. That he'll provide a solid foundation for the band.

- That all will be focused on God.
- Good health.
- Ultimately, PROTECTION from the plans of the evil one. Especially for those who'll be going for the BB Pesta. That nothing that is not of God will befall us.

- And for all those who are working hard in the planning exco - Benjamin Yong, Jonathan Yeh, Edberg and Weng Hong.

BB PESTA is tomorrow! How ever can I sleep? :D

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