Tuesday, April 27, 2010

MUET Muses

Adieu, Band Six.

Everything was relatively fine except for the writing component which is my strong area. Personally, I'm not satisfied with my essay and my MUET trial essay seems better written. Then again, what's done is done. But, then the kiasu-ness in me whispers "English is the language you've first learnt, first read, first written and spoken everyday for the last 18 years!"

Shame on you, Yi Wen.

And then, there's the expectations to perform from people.

KJ said before she left for HK, "Perhaps you'll beat my score."

Uhm. Not likely.

But, it's never pleasant to wallow in regret. Oh well.



  1. No worries, I DIED in my essay too! Didn't have enough time and my paragraphs kept getting shorter...conclusion must've been about 2-3 lines. It's ok la... just hope for the best. The examiner must've been pretty "caplang" to give me high scores; Pn. Lim would've whupped me to Saturn for that essay. Cheer up Bubs!

  2. Meh. I gave 4 crappy points with not really strong examples. When the woman said time's up. I just finished writing my first sentence of the conclusion. :/ Pn Lim's giving me lots of last minute pressure these past week. Aiyoh.


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