Monday, March 15, 2010

God Encounter

As promised, I added pics! Photo courtesy of Dr. Chang and Harvey.

The highly-anticipated Change Your World Concert by 1a.m. Relent or the Worship & Music Workshop in church? Well, the workshop won. And I've no regrets.

I was drained after an exhilarating sports day, followed by my 3-hour Math Marathon. The thought of "worship and sharing" wasn't appealing and my mind was drifting to thoughts of STPM during free worship. But, the guitar trio were good.

The anointed team of 12 from Church of Our Saviour (COOS) Singapore was lead by Pastor Eunice Shum and Uncle Paul Seow, who was once a member of CGMC. Their band's pretty tight and there's a lot of variety of styles. I particularly like the 'dragged' Glory chorus.

The worship that morning with the complete band was awesome, though I can't recall what we sang. Everlasting God? We were streamed into our workshops; I in drums under 20-year-old Zhong Guo. He's quite good for someone who doesn't own a set. Clean and neat styles although not as fanciful as QV, but he's a good teacher; managed to cater to a us of different levels. Chris is dexterous on the guitar and Harvey (who reminds me of Mr. Moon from Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree) is very solid.

The team did worship on Saturday night. Great! Their unplugged worship on Sunday's conservative service was... *thumbs up!*

Adelyn and I headed to town to Kong Heng for lunch with the team. Unfortunately, the old limo decided to break down in the middle of a busy intersection. Radiator burst. Problem resolved and to lunch where the S'poreans enjoyed Malaysian food and Ipoh coffee immensely.

Particularly good was the Worship Simulation Session on Sunday where we simulated a worship practice. The audio guy - John Heng (one of the guitar trio as well) - taught us how to do proper sound checks laced with straight-faced jokes. Under the adult band, I was in the first batch together with Patrick. We were quite tensed, because Harvey and Zhong Guo were hovering around us. We did Paul Baloche's Hosanna and it was good. Corrected many errors in my drumming and learnt accents, dynamics and the awesome rimshot! Sean called me a drum warrior. Haha. Roar.

Enthusiasm: Hands moving a sonic speed!

After dinner, we had a Spiritual Spa. Massages? None of that sort. It was a time where we just soaked in God's presence and love. Five stations were set up -

1. Soaking in God's presence
2. Kneeling at the foot of the cross where Bible verses were available
3. Communion with Jesus at the table - just two of you
4. Prophetic words, drawings and prayer
5. Having music sung over you (outpouring)

Psalm 27:10 was what I got. 'Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me.' Immensely comforting.

God really spoke to me through the two prophecies. Makes me ponder.

'God will expand your creativity in due time.'
' in someone else's shadow. Don't compare. God made you unique.'

And when Zhong Guo prayed over us, he said something like, " will be warriors for God." Coincidence? I don't think so.

Truly, He is God. That night, I experienced God like never before. :)

I really enjoyed the whole workshop and I'm expanding my music exploration to jazz and I'm currently hooked on to the contemporary jazz quartet Fourplay and Lee Ritenour, recommended by Zhong Guo. (I went 'huh?' when he mentioned the former.) Bob James' piano solo in Restoration was amazing and the bass riff in 101 Eastbound is funky. ;)

I wish it was longer so that we could've learn more things. But I do pray that this will be a stepping stone to propel our worship to soar to greater heights! Praise the Lord for this blessing!

P/S: I'm planning on getting a new drumstick case (mine split open), rods and a digital metronome for drums with headphone jacks. Any recommendations? Might be tripping to KL for a musical shopping extravaganza! But not anytime soon. Pooh.

Cheerio. God bless. :)

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