Tuesday, March 2, 2010


My 300th post! Since June 29th 2007. :)

I'm going to write about my latest music discovery - Tim Hughes.

Yup, I've posted his song Everything from the Holding Nothing Back album. But just recently, I've been exploring his other music.

The verdict: AWESOME.

Hughes, a Christian worship leader and songwriter, is the Director of Worship at Holy Trinity Brompton. The Londoner was asked to lead worship at the Soul Survivor festivals at only the age of 19! He started and leads Worship Central - a school of worship - which has a vision to 'encounter God, equip the worshipper & empower the church'. His song Here I Am to Worship which we sing ever-so-frequently, received a Dove Award.

I like his songs for the powerful and relevant lyrics. Musically, it's good and it has lots of variety, especially the drums. Most of his songs have strong bass. Comparatively, I prefer his worship songs to his upbeat praise songs, but that's because I have not been able to explore them.

Some of my favourites are Everything, of course, God of Justice and Clinging to the Cross which features New Zealander Brooke Fraser who contributes songs to Hillsong Church. (Something Jon might be interested in.)

Hughes plays the guitar pretty well and his vocals are clear and pleasant to the ears too. :)

Do check Tim Hughes's songs; they really are worth listening to. Good for personal praise and worship.

Something random:
I think I have an affinity for anything British.

I like
-Tim Hughes - Londoner.

-Ben Barnes - Londoner.

-The Eurofile column in The Star by Choi Tuck Wo which sadly, ended on Sunday.

-British movies. They're pretty different from American movies and unfortunately, are rarely shown in Malaysia. And the accents, the accents!

-British tidbits. And M&S cereal!

-British accents! (Makes one sound smarter if it's not fake)


  1. Clinging the Cross, of course :P. One of my favorites, too :).
    Weird thought: Brooke Fraser and Tim Hughes would make great babies. But, too bad. Hohoho :P

  2. I'm terribly addicted to that song! Will be introducing 'Everything' this Sunday at MYF. Hopefully, it won't be butchered :/

    It's a SUPER weird thought, btw. He's married. She's married. To different people. Too bad. Haha.

  3. Jon: Beautiful people can make ugly babies LOL.


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