Saturday, February 27, 2010

Poop Race

A sports update.

The ETS 4x200m team comprised of Chai Kar Mun, me, Khor Kar Yan and Kasturi. The day was extremely hot and it would be accurate to say the grass was crisp and dry. I think most of us ran faster because the ground was hot.

Muttering a prayer under my breath while Kar Mun turned the last bend, I sprinted as soon as the baton touched my palm. I ran. I was at the frontlines! It felt good.

I could hear the breathing of someone right beside me, bumping into me and trying to overtake me. Sarah. Passed on the baton. Kar Yan to Kasturi. But the long-legged Oldham girl managed to reach the finish line before Kasturi did, leaving us with silver.

My first sprint event win. Memorable. :)

Congrats to Kasturi and KC for breaking school records. KC - 11m++ for triple jump, 5.3m for long jump. Is he a grasshopper or what?

400m race - the anticipated race. Downing a banana for energy, I was placed in the third lane, right next to long-legged Oldham and long-breath Oldham. Pressure. According to Mr Alageasan, the one with the best timing is placed in the third lane. Huh? Me? Must be some mistake. It's long-breath Oldham, sir.

Ke garisan, sedia.. preeett!

We're off. Yee San went off like a bullet, maintaining first all the way through the first lap. Puff, puff. 400m - the longest sprint - was sapping my energy. Lift your knees, Yi Wen! shouts Mr Ravi.

Puff. Go, Yee San! Puff. I'm not sure she heard.

The last bend. Puff. Long-legged Oldham ahead! She's slowing down. There's Dr. K screaming. Puff. Second place, come on! Puff, puff.

Weng Hong cries hoarsely: Run! Puff. I overtake her. Puff. God, why are my legs so wobbly? Puff.

The finishing line! Hurray!


Not yet! That's not the line! Run!

(1 second reaction)

S***! Speeds up.

Alas, long-legged Oldham beat me to the finish line by a split second.

Frustration. Acoompanied by immense nausea from exertion. Poop. I'm still sore about it. Gah.

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