Monday, February 8, 2010

Let Me Run

Sports. I think I breathe and eat more of it than Art.

3 years competing in badminton, but I never made it into district level, what more, the state team. I'm no Duncan, but Dad's never-ending support made me feel like I was. He drove me around Ipoh to find a good training place as my birthday present. He let me wear his new Yonex shoes but wore my old ones. He bought the best racquet I'd ever play with to spur me on, and did my strings and grip for me. He bought bunches of bananas to fuel me for tournaments. He took time off from writing his thesis to watch my matches and gave me pointers. He played matches with me although they were boring. I don't think I would have ever loved sports if not for Dad's support.

Dad once said "It's your determination in court that helps you win, not so much your skill." Determination. I guess that's me being kiasu - ah, that good spirit of sport.

Satisfaction is another factor I love sports. The sweat, the loosened joints and occasionally the winnings. I can't describe how it feels but you know it's worth the pain.

Cross-country race was awesome. The jogging, bananas, skipping, weight-lifting paid off! But I still struggled. Self-motivation and prayer helped. Thank you, God. All glory goes to You.

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