Sunday, January 3, 2010


School. A feeling of dread accompanies the thought of school.

The thought of the dragon lady who breathes fires of non-stop nagging and who generates millions of digits with the swipe of her claw terrifies me. And the image of swinging hypnotic pendulums and colour-changing bubbling potions replays like a never-ending horror movie. Not forgetting the perverse moustachioed man who scolds with profane words. Great. *clap hands Jon-style*

I wanna.. less lazy and more serious
..cut afternoon nap time more less
..get fit
..pass all my subjects
..get a top Band 6 for MUET
..gain weight
..make an AWESOME 2010 Voyager Edition
..depend more on Jesus

I see my friends finishing college and moving on to university by this year. Varsity seems like a lightyear away; late 2011 or perhaps 2012. Some play but still ace their college exams. STPM-ers play and go die, sort of. Others are still holidaying while we have to go back through the gates of terror.

Oh Jesus, please save me!

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