Sunday, December 6, 2009


Penang. I was a bit "HMM" about going to Penang for an outing because I always go there but turns out, it was a trip to remember.

I must say that I was AWESTRUCK by the Penang War Museum in Batu Maung. It was an unbelievable thing to just be there; I think my mouth just hung open in awe. It was the highlight of the trip especially for a war history fanatic like me! (Here's where Ee Ern goes, "You're so manly!" LOL) But because I'm still gushing crazily over the 20 acre British stronghold. I'll blog about it in a separate post. :)

The photo hunt in the Youth Park was immensely fun as it was great bonding time with my group members, namely, Wen Jun (or Dai Lou), Venisri, Sarah, Wai Hong, Thong Seng, Tan XYZ and a big guy. We tried climbing vines, snapping ass shots, levitating, hanging upside down and getting macro shots. Contributing to the fun was the sudden rain that had us running helter-skelter to our bus. We were soaked to the skin!

Dinner at New World Park was really fun, especially when Sarah, Wen Jun and I got pretty high and started singing to the music that was played and went down to the arena pretending to be rock stars! XD And also singing my favourite With Christ in the Vessel.

I couldn't help but reminisce all the fun times I had in Stella Maris in Youth Camp 2007 especially with my group - Autobots.

You've gotta STOP, DROP and ROLL!
Till the lights go out, till the lights go out. (hands showing blinking movements)
You've gotta STOP, DROP and ROLL!
To the beach, to the beach. (rolling waves motion with hands in the beach's direction)
You've gotta STOP, DROP and ROLL!
In the church, in the church. (hands clasped together in prayer)
You've gotta STOP, DROP and ROLL!
Say what? (hands to ears)
Ok! ("ok" hand signal)
and again

a-u-t-o-b-o-t-s, a-u-t-o-b-o-t-s, a-u-t-o-b-o-t-s (chanting while getting into position)

A-U-T-O-B-O-T-S! Represent.

It was an AWESOME cheer.

The Toy Museum was sad to say, poorly maintained and the toys were covered with dust as the shelf casings weren't properly done up. At the Cocoa Boutique, we managed to snag several bits of expensive chocolates. I loved the coffee ground-filled dark chocolate! The seafood dinner at How Kee in Bukit Tambun was superb and definitely much better than previously.

On the way back, us, primers, indulged in some heavy chatting and quizzed the guys - Bubu and Hong - about their preferences. Haha. It was great.

I miss it all.

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