Sunday, December 13, 2009


I'm dead tired and all I want is a good night's rest. Been stretching my limits for youth camp games and praise & worship. Really, the planning for games is CRAZY. Phew. We actually spent 2 hours in church and another 2 hours in Woolley, consecutively till 12am discussing the games. Spent another 4 in church today. We're done; just a little techie stuff to get through. Praise & worship is a whole new story though (my first time leading worship in CGMC!). I wish I had my BB Christmas Celebration peeps with me.

Shtoopid shoulder has been acting up again. Hurts. Wish I could go for some back twisting Thai massage or see a doctor. I'm just gonna depend on my Counterpain or heat patches for the time being. =/

I want to throw all I've got on the drums; play some hebat song. Hillsong United's I Heart Revolution's "What the World Will Never Take". That'll do. Ah. Reminds me of the International Youth Rally.

Anyway, I haven't packed, haven't done up a prop for the night games. And I've gotta wake up at 7:30 tomorrow. Awesome.

'Cos when the going gets tough, the tough get going.
When the going gets rough, the tough get rough.

Easy Virtue 2008

ARRR, Yi Wen! Fighting!

Now that you all are back, I really miss those dinosaur years we spent together. Sigh. Come back more often, and visit the lone Ipoh person!

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