Saturday, November 14, 2009

Caveman's Way

Form 6 schooling has brought a plague of strange ill health upon me. Last month I had funky nausea spells for one week. Severe gastric attacks and stomach cramps prevented me from straightening up till I gave up avoiding the doctor. Doc's advice: Keep away from spicy, sour and oily food. And that's exactly what I did although I'm a spicy-sour food junkie. I stuck to a healthy diet; fruit and fibre cereal with milk every morning, wholemeal bread, no sour food and less spicy food. I realised that my general well-being improved. I don't feel so sleepy in class and I felt good. But, gastric struck again last week despite eating full and regular meals, and nausea is back. So, I popped by the clinic. Diagnosis? Probably some gut discomfort. :( Tomorrow's the Campers' Badge Camp and right now, my intestines are in knots. Thank God modern toilets are available! Otherwise it'll be the 'use-spade-dig-hole-do-it-like-a-caveman' method. Eew.

Health, Health, how I treasure thee!
Pray, do come back to me!

Hm. Been pondering. Are there such things as naturally-born geniuses and naturally-born idiots? Or is it just a matter of tapping into the 'genius gene' in our subconscious minds? Either, that 'genius gene' of mine hasn't been tapped or I'm just a naturally-born idiot.

Anyway, hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to camp I go! Excited. Reminds me of my scouting days. :) But, I'm having problem packing. Haha.

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