Monday, September 7, 2009

To My Karjie

We grew up together all our lives.

While I was still a small fry, she played with me.

Then as I grew, we played together. I remember blowing bubbles in the porch, playing General Bucket and all our weird games like Rolli Polli. We'd spend hours on Saturday afternoon, washing our school shoes in the porch. While doing that, we'd play with soap and water till our skin turned wrinkly. Sometimes we'd play with our dolls or masak-masak the whole weekend. There was no such thing as homework on weekends then.

I even began to be able to bully her back. :)

But when she stepped into Standard 6, she didn't want to play dolls with me anymore although I kept bugging her. As a kid, I didn't understand why and I got pretty mad at her. Then she got into her emo phase in life so we weren't that close anymore. But, I guess it was after that youth camp in Chefoo that brought us closer again. Thank God.


My one and only


Heh. Musical talent evident from childhood :)

I miss our late-night talks, head-butting you, our itadakimasu & McD sessions, our Rapid exploration in Penang and your weirdness as well (Beeeee!).

Take care, study hard and enjoy in HK!


Pooh. Shit mood now. Don't get me wrong. The day was awesome. Going online makes me emo.

The Sathya Sai Baba Human Values Debate is tomorrow already! I'm going to be the first speaker and also doing the reply speech. I'm extremely nervous but excited. We're up against Olympia College and they are... old. But we, the all-girl team of ACS are out to kick some butts! XP

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