Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thanks and French

Things haven't been looking up since the debates were over. But at least there were several things that took my mind off matters.

I've several overdue thanks.

1. Thank you, 6RB and friends for the celebration and all the effort. Thanks for the new racquet (which I know is not cheap). It meant a lot to me (though I didn't cry) since my Finnex was stolen. And for the great cake.

2. Thank you, Mom and Dad for the present you gave. Although I insisted my broken watch was good enough, you guys still insisted. And I'm not superstitious.

3. Thank you, Venisri for the mug and the LOVELY card. Haha. Yes, I'm legal.

4. Thank you, Sok Wai and Yee San for the Chinese dictionary. I'm sure it's gonna help me in my writing a lot!

5. Thanks people for the cards, the wishes and the SMS-es.

6. Thank you, Adelyn for listening to me rant about faith and for your counsel.

7. Thank you, Ee Ern for Skype-ing to try to cheer me up and for all your interesting ways to make people feel better. You had me laughing with 'ee means "good" ern means "cook"' and confusing Louvre with toilet. Must have jumbled up all the French you were studying. Haha.

Je ne penssais pas que c'├ętait possible d'etre amie avec quelq'un que je recontre pour un jour.

"Well meeting someone for so short and being able to click well sounds like a movie."

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