Sunday, September 27, 2009

Crash Dummy

The moment I glanced at the rearview mirror after stopping, I knew it wasn't going to be good. The motorcycle was going faster than it should have. The motorcyclist's expression changed to a shocked one all of a sudden.

"Oh s***."

I braced myself and turned around just in time to see the motorcyclist crash head-on into my rear windscreen. It rained glass on Mom and the seats.

"Turn on the hazard lights."

I saw a bloody mess behind my car. The first thing I thought of was the bill. The rider was raining blood from his head, soaked. Flesh hung from his left nostril. His glasses lost in the crash. The pillion rider had flesh ripped off his arm. His eyes popped wide open when he saw his raw chicken-like flesh exposed and cursed aloud.

I called 999 and dispatch was so slow. So were the cops. Damn. The rider was babbling incoherently and going into shock. I shouted at them.

Passerbys began to stop, watch. A Good Samaritan - an Indian woman aided the two boys to the sidewalk and gave them water. I continued to call 999. A young couple with a black BMW offered to send the boys to the hospital since even the ambulance's sirens were not heard. Mom went along as well.

Dad came not long after and so did Aunty Page, Dr Chang and Samuel Hong. Tow truckers hung about like vultures over a carcass. The cops came and eased the traffic but we had to wait for 2 hours for the crash investigation officers to analyse the scene. A fight almost ensued between the rowdy tow trucker and Aunty Page. The cops did not intervene.

The officers arrived and analysed the scene and snapped photographs.

We got home and took our car insurance to make a police report. The glass was jingling all the way home. There was blood, flesh and hair stuck on my car.

I spent hours at the station. Giving a written statement and then a question-and-answer statement. I was mentally and physically exhausted from the long hours. 4 hours had passed since the crash. It didn't help that the sergeant was bullying me verbally and trying to play the guilt card.

Despite this, I have to thank God. It could have been a car instead of a bike. But it wasn't. Mom could've been injured. It could've happen at a worse time (eg. I'm alone at night).A few weeks before this, I kept seeing myself getting involved in an accident whereby I would be severely injured. I would then keep thinking, what if it happened? What would I do first? Because of this, I was rather calm throughout this whole incident. And that suprised me. Dad also woke up at 5 am that morning and had a sudden urge to pray for our safety. And he did. I believe it was the Holy Spirit's prompting. The images I saw probably were to prepare me mentally for this while Dad's prayer surely did protect Mom, Sean and I from bodily harm. Thank God.

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