Sunday, September 27, 2009

Crash Dummy

The moment I glanced at the rearview mirror after stopping, I knew it wasn't going to be good. The motorcycle was going faster than it should have. The motorcyclist's expression changed to a shocked one all of a sudden.

"Oh s***."

I braced myself and turned around just in time to see the motorcyclist crash head-on into my rear windscreen. It rained glass on Mom and the seats.

"Turn on the hazard lights."

I saw a bloody mess behind my car. The first thing I thought of was the bill. The rider was raining blood from his head, soaked. Flesh hung from his left nostril. His glasses lost in the crash. The pillion rider had flesh ripped off his arm. His eyes popped wide open when he saw his raw chicken-like flesh exposed and cursed aloud.

I called 999 and dispatch was so slow. So were the cops. Damn. The rider was babbling incoherently and going into shock. I shouted at them.

Passerbys began to stop, watch. A Good Samaritan - an Indian woman aided the two boys to the sidewalk and gave them water. I continued to call 999. A young couple with a black BMW offered to send the boys to the hospital since even the ambulance's sirens were not heard. Mom went along as well.

Dad came not long after and so did Aunty Page, Dr Chang and Samuel Hong. Tow truckers hung about like vultures over a carcass. The cops came and eased the traffic but we had to wait for 2 hours for the crash investigation officers to analyse the scene. A fight almost ensued between the rowdy tow trucker and Aunty Page. The cops did not intervene.

The officers arrived and analysed the scene and snapped photographs.

We got home and took our car insurance to make a police report. The glass was jingling all the way home. There was blood, flesh and hair stuck on my car.

I spent hours at the station. Giving a written statement and then a question-and-answer statement. I was mentally and physically exhausted from the long hours. 4 hours had passed since the crash. It didn't help that the sergeant was bullying me verbally and trying to play the guilt card.

Despite this, I have to thank God. It could have been a car instead of a bike. But it wasn't. Mom could've been injured. It could've happen at a worse time (eg. I'm alone at night).A few weeks before this, I kept seeing myself getting involved in an accident whereby I would be severely injured. I would then keep thinking, what if it happened? What would I do first? Because of this, I was rather calm throughout this whole incident. And that suprised me. Dad also woke up at 5 am that morning and had a sudden urge to pray for our safety. And he did. I believe it was the Holy Spirit's prompting. The images I saw probably were to prepare me mentally for this while Dad's prayer surely did protect Mom, Sean and I from bodily harm. Thank God.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thanks and French

Things haven't been looking up since the debates were over. But at least there were several things that took my mind off matters.

I've several overdue thanks.

1. Thank you, 6RB and friends for the celebration and all the effort. Thanks for the new racquet (which I know is not cheap). It meant a lot to me (though I didn't cry) since my Finnex was stolen. And for the great cake.

2. Thank you, Mom and Dad for the present you gave. Although I insisted my broken watch was good enough, you guys still insisted. And I'm not superstitious.

3. Thank you, Venisri for the mug and the LOVELY card. Haha. Yes, I'm legal.

4. Thank you, Sok Wai and Yee San for the Chinese dictionary. I'm sure it's gonna help me in my writing a lot!

5. Thanks people for the cards, the wishes and the SMS-es.

6. Thank you, Adelyn for listening to me rant about faith and for your counsel.

7. Thank you, Ee Ern for Skype-ing to try to cheer me up and for all your interesting ways to make people feel better. You had me laughing with 'ee means "good" ern means "cook"' and confusing Louvre with toilet. Must have jumbled up all the French you were studying. Haha.

Je ne penssais pas que c'├ętait possible d'etre amie avec quelq'un que je recontre pour un jour.

"Well meeting someone for so short and being able to click well sounds like a movie."

Monday, September 21, 2009

We All Need A Lil Debate :)

Debate: My passion, drug.

As mentioned, I participated in the Sathya Sai Baba Human Values Debate recently. We, Naomi, Sarah, Venisri and I, first started public speaking training under Ms. Foo on alternate days along the walkway near the undergrounds. It was tedious and we were really shy at the beginning to do all those seemingly ridiculous 7-second "Ahh's" and "Ehh's". But we realised that our lungs grew stronger as we could hold for longer periods and our voices were certainly much louder!

It was decided that the order of speakers would be I, as first speaker, Naomi as second and Sarah as third. And not to forget our darling reserve, Venisri, who breathe-coached us and kept us emotionally stable.

The Preliminaries: Community Service Should be Mandatory for College and University Students
Olympia vs. ACS

We, in team opposition are not convinced that community service should be mandatory for college and university students because such an approach would contradict, undermine and even negate the basic principles and objectives of community service and any benefits achieved would be merely superficial and cosmetic.
1. The principle of free will
2. The principle of 'no expectations of remunerations' for service rendered

The Olympians seemed calm and composed but they only spoke for a total of 12 minutes for the whole team! They did not prepare at all. While the adjudicators were out, this Datin spoke up and started criticising the ACS speakers. I couldn't help but stand up and defend my team. An informal debate ensued and I heard someone shout at me, "Respect your elders!" But we beat the Datin till she sat down quietly after that. :)

We won!

The Semis: The Sole Purpose of Education is to Earn a Livelihood
Politeknik Ungku Omar vs. ACS

We, in team opposition are not convinced that the sole purpose of education is to earn a livelihood because such a belief is simplistic, myopic and restrictive and it does not do justice to the holistic aim of education.
1. The purpose of education as agreed upon by the member states of UNESCO in Article 29(1) under The Convention of the Rights of the Child.
- development of a child's personality, talents and mental and physical abilities
- development of values and beliefs
- preparation of the child for responsible life in a free society
2. The purpose of education as derived from Socratic thought.
- self-knowledge
- individual moral good
- skill in thinking

The motion fell and into the semis we went! I like the chief adjudicator, a lawyer, Mr. Arthur Yong. :)

Finals: Liberty Should be Sacrificed to Promote Security
ACS vs. Institut Perguruan Ipoh

We, in team proposition believe that liberty should be sacrificed to promote security because in doing this, with wholesome restraint, we are actually ensuring our freedom and also the right to act within what the law permits.
1. Economic security which was affected when heavy deregulation and free market was encouraged in the US.
2. Child security from pornography etc.

This debate was almost unethical as personal insults were thrown at the proposition. How unprofessional. It was theatrical, almost like a joke, making a mockery out of debate. You never see this in the World Schools Debate. It just showed how screwed up the Malaysian debating scene is. The Toastmasters were the judges and they barely gave second thoughts to content. We lost although I thought we nailed it after the reply speech. Real injustice in a human values debate.

Oh. Big fumble of the day! Naomi talked about UTOPIA and the opposition said, "Why are we talking about ETHIOPIA? Are you saying that the people in ETHIOPIA are not cultured?" To which all the Institut supporters cheered. Holy macaroni. These people are gonna be teachers.

It was an immensely painful loss. And yes, I'd like to give myself some liberty to "jump over chairs and start killing people". But I'm extremely grateful for the friends I've made and bonded with - especially Venisri and Foofy. XD Haha. Sarah and Naomi were equally awesome. ;)

This is what I love most about debate. I miss hanging out in the Voyager Room and at the walkway outside the library, the excitement, the trainings, the crazy tricks we played on one another, the meals together. Great times. The best of Form 6 I guess.

Monday, September 7, 2009

To My Karjie

We grew up together all our lives.

While I was still a small fry, she played with me.

Then as I grew, we played together. I remember blowing bubbles in the porch, playing General Bucket and all our weird games like Rolli Polli. We'd spend hours on Saturday afternoon, washing our school shoes in the porch. While doing that, we'd play with soap and water till our skin turned wrinkly. Sometimes we'd play with our dolls or masak-masak the whole weekend. There was no such thing as homework on weekends then.

I even began to be able to bully her back. :)

But when she stepped into Standard 6, she didn't want to play dolls with me anymore although I kept bugging her. As a kid, I didn't understand why and I got pretty mad at her. Then she got into her emo phase in life so we weren't that close anymore. But, I guess it was after that youth camp in Chefoo that brought us closer again. Thank God.


My one and only


Heh. Musical talent evident from childhood :)

I miss our late-night talks, head-butting you, our itadakimasu & McD sessions, our Rapid exploration in Penang and your weirdness as well (Beeeee!).

Take care, study hard and enjoy in HK!


Pooh. Shit mood now. Don't get me wrong. The day was awesome. Going online makes me emo.

The Sathya Sai Baba Human Values Debate is tomorrow already! I'm going to be the first speaker and also doing the reply speech. I'm extremely nervous but excited. We're up against Olympia College and they are... old. But we, the all-girl team of ACS are out to kick some butts! XP

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