Friday, August 28, 2009

Missing & Presumed Dead

Due to blogging mood shifts, I've barely updated. I'm an extremist, I guess; one moment updating everyday and the next moment, fingers don't tap the keys.

Well, the week before holidays could've been considered as a wreck week. Besides getting very colourful exam results, I tasted a bitter pill of ACS.

My badminton racquet was stolen during the closed tournament. It wasn't any racquet. It was my first personal racquet from my dad since I stepped into court 4 years ago. It was a bronze Finnex Nano Titanium 630, made of titanium graphite and HM graphite, weighing a mere 82g. I asked Sean where did this new racquet came from and he said he went with Dad to stadium and bumped into Lin Dan. Of course, I didn't swallow this unbelievable statement. Eventually, I realised it was a gift for my birthday and I was delighted after realising it was my OWN. It could tell it wasn't cheap, so, for Dad to spend such money, I took it as a form of encouragement from him to train hard and ace tournaments.

I used it for every tournament I was in. I won, I lost. But the racquet remained my prized possession and I took great care of it, making sure the grip wasn't slippery and checking the guard. I trained hard with it. The sound of the frame slicing through the air and the sound of the shuttle hit by the sweet spot were music to my ears. However, after I broke the strings once due to high tension, the remaining tension in the broken strings pulled its frame inwards, resulting in a crack in the frame. I was pretty upset, but it seemed like it was nicer to use after the formation of the crack.

But, now, my love affair has ended as my Finnex is screaming "Help me!" in a new (unrightful) owner's badminton bag.

I believe it was stolen while I was umpiring a women's singles match. Halfway through, I saw a quick flash, like a vision, of my racquet lying atop my bag. There was a nagging feeling that I should go and check on my racquet. Although I pushed it aside, the feeling persisted. But I didn't want to leave my job halfway so, I ignored it. And surprise, surprise, the racquet is gone.

The MYC badminton tourney was my first without my Finnex. It was.. different.

I miss that loud "pow!" when i execute a smash and the soft and delicate "ping" while playing at the net. Wherever you are, my Finnex, come running back to me or just crack your head so the evil new owner will never enjoy your sweet strokes!

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