Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cheers to Orange for Problems

1 week. Too many things.

Sum has left. Pretty late I know and my whole blogosphere of schoolmates have ranted about it. So, Sumsum, I guess I've penned and typed so much to you that I think anymore words aren't necessary here. And we still keep in close contact. ;) Bon voyage and remember...

...I'm coming in 2011
...you're kicking out your roomie for me
...you're gonna belanja my first Sarawakian meal and play host
...one more motorbike ride
...LETTERS for me!
...to enlarge area and reduce pressure
...to change to DiGi
...our accident-filled dancing
...that I will owe you heat rub
...to drink more H2O(g)! LOL.
...I'm not a burger
...you're a great friend, right-hand deskmate, all-night SMS-er and I truly appreciate you a lot!

Take care. Miss you loads.

P/S: I'm still finding a way to do up our seashells! XD

Recyclethon was a success and ACS is once again heralded as a record breaker. Cheers!

Oh yes, we won the inter-house basketball competition for the Sports Carnival. It was mainly Ing Ing's effort as she scored all the goals. Surprise, surprise.

And I managed to clinch third place for the essay writing competition for English Week - Going Green. :)

On debate, I was called for the auditions for entry into the Form 6 team for the Sathya Sai Baba Human Values Debate. I was given the topic "This house believes that rich countries should help poor countries." Honestly, I've no idea what I was crapping there for 2 minutes. And yes, I couldn't understand Ms. Foo's long rebuttal. Yew Tuck had to leave but wasn't allowed, so he sneaked out with me when I left and we burst out laughing. Haha. I do hope to make it in as a speaker.

After pondering upon Ms. Chang's essay topic: Advances in technology are making us prisoners of progress, I finally understood exactly what she deeply meant. I realised that her brain's pretty complex with many ideas branching out from ideas. And boy, it sure is deep. I had an enjoyable time digging my mind and brainstorming for valid points and *lightbulb!* the thought of nuclear warfare came up. Although war is negative and depressing, I really enjoy reading about it especially on WWII. I guess this is the first R&D session I enjoyed. Cheers to that. :)

With my newfound knowledge of basic Chinese characters, I may start blogging in Chinese soon! Haha.

We listen and help. What are we for?

Thanks, Weng Hong, for the encouraging SMS. I could hug you at that moment. ;) Wish I had a problem defoliant. I'm turning green. Gotta slap myself into sense.

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