Saturday, August 15, 2009

Because Yi Wen can't drive.

Go to:
Put your name in, and generate slogan after each question.
Tag 20 people including me.

1. What do you say to yourself every morning?
If you want to get ahead, get Yi Wen.

2. What do you want other people to say about you?
Yi Wen with the less fattening centres.

3. Someone asked you out, your answer is...
There's more than one way to eat a Yi Wen.

4. I don't know what 4 is.
The Yi Wen of Champions.

5. How would you introduce yourself to someone you really like?
The Yi Wen of your life.

6. To someone you dislike?
Bet you can't eat Yi Wen.

7. You're in a conversation and you suddenly feel the need to pee, how would you excuse yourself?
Gonna be a while? Grab a Yi Wen.

8. Your parents ask you why you got home late, you say...
Uh oh, better get Yi Wen.

9. You're failing a subject, you say...
Exceedingly Good Yi Wen.

10. The love of your life asks you to marry him/her, what do you say?
Do you, uh, Yi Wen?

11. Your bf/gf is breaking up with you, you tell him/her...
You'll never put a better bit of Yi Wen on your knife.

12. Someone told you you're an asshole, you tell them...
It could be Yi Wen.

13. What are the best words to describe you?
Oh, hungry? Oh, Yi Wen.

14. If you're going to have a movie about your life, the title is...
Yi Wen: The Other White Meat.

15. Your last words before you die...
Watch out. There's a Yi Wen about.

16. Your message to a special someone..
Reach out and touch Yi Wen.

17. Title of this post will be...
Because Yi Wen can't drive.

Just something I found interesting. :)
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