Friday, July 10, 2009

Tesla Coil Zap

It's Serbian-American inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla's birthday as most of you Googlers might know. Thanks to him we can produce alternating current (AC) and not live our nights in darkness!

It's Speech Day tomorrow in MGS and I'm dreading it.

What are you doing now?
Where are you studying?
How is it?
Why didn't you apply for scholarships?
What do you plan to do after this?

The oh-so-famous forwarded questions. I should just wear a placard bearing all the answers to the queries.

And I'm not in the mood for socialising either. And there's this detachment from my former alma mater.

I'd rather attend Boys' Brigade.


KC Leong managed to pull me on a guilt trip today. He's pretty psychic.

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