Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pleasant Shockers

Speech Day was a bore with the speeches dragging on for ages. Venisri, Navin and I desperately wanted to leave and grab a bite only to be nagged by Ms Chong. Hmph.

I was expecting to receive prizes for 9As in SPM and the incentive prize from the PTA for History only. But two pleasant surprises awaited me: I was also the Best Student in English and English for Science & Technology (EST) award recipient! I thought this was impossible especially with essay genius Ee Xin and one B-grade in EST.

But, praise be to God! He knew the most opportune time to bless. With these four prizes, I scooped up RM 95 from the school! PTL.

Of course, nothing can beat my deskmate who is the best student in MGS's SPM 2008. Congratulations!


15 hours of good sleep. Beat that!

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