Sunday, July 12, 2009

No Touch & Go

Attending MYF in church has become a weekly chore as the drawing factor - friends - is no more there. The only reason I do go is to spur my brother on and to teach drums at 5. CY9 has split into nothing and I'm floating. Yes, floating. I can't find wholesome worship here because of various reasons.

Just like the weeks before, I was incredibly lazy to go to MYF today and the cold weather compelled me even more to skip it, but, I didn't.

And one small part of it was good. CY9 was resurrected for a week with only three members - Jason, myself and a newcomer from the Philippines, Ee Ern Low.

I'm always apprehensive about talking to newcomers or silent oldies at MYF to make them feel welcome. I hate the idea of bringing up the weather and asking typical how-are-you's. So, I was surprised when Ee Ern said through MSN that I was by far the friendliest person in MYF! I'm not reputed to be the socialite there. But, I did find my chat with 17-year-old Ee Ern very enjoyable indeed. I learnt much more about international education in Philippines and we share loads of interests in common, like sports, physics and our apparent dislike for biology! It's really too bad that he's going back soon but with technology, I'm sure keeping in touch is no problem!

This little new meeting really brightened up my day.

Sometimes the drums need to stay silent too.

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