Monday, July 6, 2009

Complex Thoughts

Inferiority complex.

"A feeling that you are not 'up to the mark' or that some how you just don't cut the mustard."

It's just something that I feel from day to day. And no, it's not psychologically severe to the extend of schizotypal personality disorder.

With people around me who can solve math questions in record time, it is a struggle. (Not that I don't appreciate you guys. I really do.)

While they were whistling away, I was worrying whether I'll be kicked to the second class because of my [poor] SPM results. It's easy to tell me to ask them for help, but, the paiseh feeling sets in and I can't be asking questions all the time. After all, they are learning too.

There's also the high expectation for my performance in MUET, which I am doubting too.

What KC Leong said the other day got me feeling guilty. Got me thinking too.


Too much unnecessary thoughts. Exhaustive.

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