Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wishes and Creepy Stares from the Stairs

There are two wishes that I really want to do.

1. Ride a motorcycle.
As a passenger of course. I've never sat on a motorcycle with its engine running or it moving. Pathetic I know. So someone with a motorbike, (who is safe), please take me for a ride!

2. Swim in my school's swimming pool.
Even one dip will suffice. After all, we pay RM 8.00 for the maintenance of the pool and how many schools in Malaysia have swimming pools? That's cool. :)

Sounds childish, huh? But I do want them. Haha.

Flurry of colours.

P/S: Argh, Sum! It won't happen even after you come back after your PhD. Remember my 3 criterias, so cannot. Yucks. Yucks. Eeeh.

I'll have to soldier on without my daily dose of sunshine.

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