Monday, June 29, 2009

What A Letter Day

Two letters in a day.

One was from the Japan Information Service of the Embassy of Japan. The long-awaited news.

As expected, I failed to step to the next qualifying round because of the written examination. No, worries. I'm going to try again next year and the following year. If I can't get to UK, I'm going to Japan. Cheers to Hope!

The second letter was from God-knows-who. It's a chain mail like those forwards you get online ending with "If you don't send this...". This letter is a photostat copy, asking me to pray to the Mother of Perpetual Help, saying the letter is blessed by St. Jude and asking me to make 28 copies and send it out withing 7 days. And, heck, I'm not even Catholic.

Nevermind about that. But the scary part is "WHO SENT IT?" There's no return address and certainly no signature. The writing of my name and address looks vaguely familiar but it doesn't ring any bells. How on Earth did the sender get my address? That is the mystery.


BGR [Boy-Girl Relationships]. A funny topic, enough to make me laugh and choke on my food. Raging hormones. Ha-ha.


P/S: Better not be real. And thumbtacks on the board don't prove a thing! Haha. Must run fast!

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