Monday, June 22, 2009


Call it emo if you want.

I'm in a depressive mood now. But well, who could have expected the first day of school with the new system to be good?

The morning started off with a futile search for a teacher by all of us monitors.

Then, later, after recess, I lost my cool, blew my top. I haven't shown such a display of anger since I-can't-remember-when and yes, I know it was not a good thing especially in the sense of bearing a good witness of Christ. Thankfully, I didn't go into the shouting phase. I guess Yee San was trying to diffuse the argument but to no avail as both of us were equally hard-headed. I think I shocked the class. I must say that I expected this day to come eventually, seeing his attitude and my resposibility. To have a heated argument with a guy who's capable of sending his konco-konco to beat me up is definitely something new.

Research and development - that's what they call our Monday classes. That's total b***. R&D for MUET is actually identifying our errors in our essays and trying to work upon it. The blame can't be put solely on our MUET teachers as I believe this is a directive from the MOE. Unfortunately, I find this project extremely unbeneficial to me as it does not help me develop except for becoming a good examiner. I do understand that Ms Chang has to cater to the needs of the other students but am I not a student too? How am I supposed to develop on my critical thinking and maturity? I'm not content with a Band 4 or 5 for MUET. I'm aiming for the top.

My car's back. Hopefully, it'll stay like the fiddle it was.

I'm tired and it doesn't help with the nagging about the things that are already a burden.

And oh yes, I'm serious about throwing chairs and hiding in a corner after that. In need of the Saviour. Well, even a friend will do.

Bombarded by philosophies that satisfy the surface
I flee to something deeper at the risk of seeking purpose
How can I hang in this environmental state of being
When everything I'm striving for is nothing that I'm seeing.

-DC Talk

On another matter, I'll be going to receive a prize from Hari Anugerah Cemerlang in MGS. It's my first ever academic prize since I step foot in secondary school, so, this shows how terrible I am.

As an early bird for signing up for Starwalk (I think the 11th in my category), I've received a complimentary movie pass at GSC Ipoh Parade. Anyone game?

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