Thursday, June 4, 2009

Long Due "Apudeit"

Not to worry. I'm back after a long absence from the web. Thank you, Dad, in your efforts to get Jaring to revive the net!

Lots have happened. From the enjoyable Pangkor trip to the 25-essay load to a crazy week.

1. Pangkor - The Sand, Sea and Sun - My favourite combo

It was a nice small group for this fun-filled Boys' Brigade trip; a good opportunity to atune myself with BB and also to get to know the Upper 6s and also my 2 classmates. We had fun snorkeling, kayaking, bobbing in the sea, EATING and sitting on the rempit speed boat. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I enjoyed myself, I didn't bother to snap many pictures. Just check out the others' blogs or FB. I especially enjoyed the rich SEAFOOD DINNER and my stomach was a bottomless pit that night. YUM. The crabs.. I think I shocked the guys. ^^ Yummy ikan bakar but too bad we couldn't eat the jagung!

2. Holidays

Penang. What could be better? I went to school twice to learn how to play the 24-seasons drum. This is a whole different thing compared to rock drumming. Firstly, you have to hit real hard because the sticks are thick and short, and the thick cow's hide doesn't help. Secondly, you have to be positioned in a partial squat to ensure your body is level with the drum. Thirdly, you have to memorise sequences or 'flowers'. Fourthly, it's a prepared group performance and finally, you've gotta have some wushu style. Oops. Oh, and I got to play with a real sword!

3. Second semester

Yes, barely a month into school and we are already in the second sem. Well, so far, I love school. Okay, before you give me weird looks, let me clarify. I'm enjoying myself in great company while maintaining a balanced life. Being monitor to a class where a majority of students are guys and Chinese-schooled is no easy feat especially since I am a banana but, I really love my classmates and my desk-neighbours. However, dealing with my class teacher requires treading thin ice with great caution. So far, so good.

I've changed a great deal since coming to Form 6. A little more responsible, positive, cheerful and sociable. I've become a Suzy Sunshine now and no more moody mornings for me unlike those in MGS. The greatest part is becoming much better in Math. I could barely do any questions for logarithms in Form 5 but now, it's comparitively much better though not the best. Thank you, Sok Wai, for helping me so much.

Unlike last time, I didn't bother about applying to be a prefect. Why? Something different? I don't know. I've applied for the Voyager Board, which is the editorial board. I've been absorbed into BB and I've joined the Christian Fellowship again and of course badminton. Wushu is just a side activity and the monitorial board too. Better not be too active. Studies come first.

4. Crazy day

Yesterday, Thursday, was an incredibly hectic day. School, monitors' meeting, badminton club, Chemistry tuition and the IBIG Korean Praise and Worship. My badminton skills have deteriorated badly and gosh, what happened to my smashes? It was nice to see Uncle Ong and Reuben, one of Mr Lee's assistant coaches and have a decent chat with them.

Kay Lynn and I had dinner together after tuition. Then, as my car is hospitalised, Mr Sum came to pick us up. Thanks. (I know I've said this a million times already. ^^ But, I know that it was really out of the way actually.) The Koreans were fantastic! They were anointed by the Holy Spirit and Pastor Daniel Kim's message was reassuring and empowering. Spiritually empowering. Too bad it wasn't physically empowering because I was dead tired by then! I got to meet Chin Hui after ages. Sweet. And, yes, I was incredibly surprised about it. I think my eyes popped out of my skull for a moment. Unexpected. Seriously.

Fell asleep at my desk on my essay. Well... the introduction of my essay. Two glasses of coffee weren't enough to keep me today. The 3-hour Math Marathon didn't help either. My first BB meeting's tomorrow so, till then!

Be happy that I miss you, Zhi Hui!

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