Saturday, June 20, 2009

Go Figure.

Almost all the youths in Ipoh congregated at the Stadium for Starwalk 2009. But where was Yi Wen? She was still sleeping soundly in bed at 7:00 am - flag-off time for competition walkers. And yes, I joined the competition. A quick dash to the venue and I had to run all the way across the Perak Stadium to report. It was then I heard the first gun. Then, I ran all the way out and I heard a second shot. Wonderful. So, I started the race behind 2050 competitors and many lost non-competitors who were swept into the competition. I started out alright but after reaching Jusco, I felt like pulling out my gastrocnemius and soleus on both legs.

What irked me the most about Starwalk is:

1. Running competitors. It's a walk. People run during Starwalk, and walk like slow-pokes during International Run and hog up the road.

2. Litterbugs. Throw your plastic cups near the water station where the municipal workers are. Not 5 kilometres away from the water stations!

Thumbs up for brilliant Malaysians!

We had a gathering for the JPA leavers yesterday. Just ten of us. I must apologise for being extremely late due to certain circumstances that popped up last minute and it was the first time I drove in heavy rain in a jam at night. That's no excuse and thus, my thousand apologies. We were quite segregated - the 6 guys and the 4 girls - but that is probably because we've just been schooling together for a month and this is our first outing together. But otherwise it was quite alright. This is actually my first night outing with schoolmates in my whole life. Surprised?

Well, we are starting that blasted new four o'clock tomorrow which is rather enraging because teachers honestly have no idea and no resources from the MOE regarding Research and Development and also colloquium. So what are we to do during those extra hours? To quote our MUET teacher: "You can sleep and do whatever you want." Welcome to Malaysia, where everything is planned out in minute detail and students are lab rats.

Just yesterday, I was saying, "My car is now as fit as a fiddle" after it was discharged from a 3-day hospital stay. However, this morning, it started smoking and now it's leaking oil. My joy is short-lived. With all the money spent throughout the years for this Kancil, I could get a motorcycle. =.= So, no car for me tomorrow and probably the next.

Something tells me that this is going to make sense
Something tells me it’s going to take patience
Something tells me that this will all work out in the end
-Relient K

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