Friday, June 26, 2009


One week of the new system has just crawled by. Opinions?

It sucks.

The only thing I seem to be doing is Math homework. All the teachers are extremely punctual and teach with gusto, so, there's no time to take a breather. I've no time to concentrate on other subjects, what more, have my own personal time? The book I got back from Butterworth 3 weeks ago - The Silent Army by Chin Kee Onn about the Japanese reign of terror in Malaya - has been left untouched. I've had to sacrifice watching CSI:NY, especially that seemingly interesting episode about the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon. And crikey! I've got no time even for badminton. Or the energy for a power jog.

OH. I think I've screwed up my Voyager Board interview. I applied for the art and English department. And I should have known better that Mr. Master Debater Krizun is the English department head. I was bombarded about the fact that I've got many clubs in hand and also my commitment. Bang bang bang! I think I've got two 6.35 mm bullets in my head. Keep your Brownings! I've got 2 assignments now - a comic strip that depicts ACS's past, present and future and also an article that can capture the attention of boys even from the lower classes. Me and my crappy mouth. 2 weeks; and I'm loaded with Math homework. Marvelous.

Do I wish things were different? Yes. I'm trying to keep my head above the waves again.

Here's two goodbyes: Bye, Ee Xin! Bye, Steven! All the best in your undertakings and K.I.T.! God bless. :)

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