Monday, June 29, 2009

What A Letter Day

Two letters in a day.

One was from the Japan Information Service of the Embassy of Japan. The long-awaited news.

As expected, I failed to step to the next qualifying round because of the written examination. No, worries. I'm going to try again next year and the following year. If I can't get to UK, I'm going to Japan. Cheers to Hope!

The second letter was from God-knows-who. It's a chain mail like those forwards you get online ending with "If you don't send this...". This letter is a photostat copy, asking me to pray to the Mother of Perpetual Help, saying the letter is blessed by St. Jude and asking me to make 28 copies and send it out withing 7 days. And, heck, I'm not even Catholic.

Nevermind about that. But the scary part is "WHO SENT IT?" There's no return address and certainly no signature. The writing of my name and address looks vaguely familiar but it doesn't ring any bells. How on Earth did the sender get my address? That is the mystery.


BGR [Boy-Girl Relationships]. A funny topic, enough to make me laugh and choke on my food. Raging hormones. Ha-ha.


P/S: Better not be real. And thumbtacks on the board don't prove a thing! Haha. Must run fast!

Friday, June 26, 2009


One week of the new system has just crawled by. Opinions?

It sucks.

The only thing I seem to be doing is Math homework. All the teachers are extremely punctual and teach with gusto, so, there's no time to take a breather. I've no time to concentrate on other subjects, what more, have my own personal time? The book I got back from Butterworth 3 weeks ago - The Silent Army by Chin Kee Onn about the Japanese reign of terror in Malaya - has been left untouched. I've had to sacrifice watching CSI:NY, especially that seemingly interesting episode about the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon. And crikey! I've got no time even for badminton. Or the energy for a power jog.

OH. I think I've screwed up my Voyager Board interview. I applied for the art and English department. And I should have known better that Mr. Master Debater Krizun is the English department head. I was bombarded about the fact that I've got many clubs in hand and also my commitment. Bang bang bang! I think I've got two 6.35 mm bullets in my head. Keep your Brownings! I've got 2 assignments now - a comic strip that depicts ACS's past, present and future and also an article that can capture the attention of boys even from the lower classes. Me and my crappy mouth. 2 weeks; and I'm loaded with Math homework. Marvelous.

Do I wish things were different? Yes. I'm trying to keep my head above the waves again.

Here's two goodbyes: Bye, Ee Xin! Bye, Steven! All the best in your undertakings and K.I.T.! God bless. :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wishes and Creepy Stares from the Stairs

There are two wishes that I really want to do.

1. Ride a motorcycle.
As a passenger of course. I've never sat on a motorcycle with its engine running or it moving. Pathetic I know. So someone with a motorbike, (who is safe), please take me for a ride!

2. Swim in my school's swimming pool.
Even one dip will suffice. After all, we pay RM 8.00 for the maintenance of the pool and how many schools in Malaysia have swimming pools? That's cool. :)

Sounds childish, huh? But I do want them. Haha.

Flurry of colours.

P/S: Argh, Sum! It won't happen even after you come back after your PhD. Remember my 3 criterias, so cannot. Yucks. Yucks. Eeeh.

I'll have to soldier on without my daily dose of sunshine.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Call it emo if you want.

I'm in a depressive mood now. But well, who could have expected the first day of school with the new system to be good?

The morning started off with a futile search for a teacher by all of us monitors.

Then, later, after recess, I lost my cool, blew my top. I haven't shown such a display of anger since I-can't-remember-when and yes, I know it was not a good thing especially in the sense of bearing a good witness of Christ. Thankfully, I didn't go into the shouting phase. I guess Yee San was trying to diffuse the argument but to no avail as both of us were equally hard-headed. I think I shocked the class. I must say that I expected this day to come eventually, seeing his attitude and my resposibility. To have a heated argument with a guy who's capable of sending his konco-konco to beat me up is definitely something new.

Research and development - that's what they call our Monday classes. That's total b***. R&D for MUET is actually identifying our errors in our essays and trying to work upon it. The blame can't be put solely on our MUET teachers as I believe this is a directive from the MOE. Unfortunately, I find this project extremely unbeneficial to me as it does not help me develop except for becoming a good examiner. I do understand that Ms Chang has to cater to the needs of the other students but am I not a student too? How am I supposed to develop on my critical thinking and maturity? I'm not content with a Band 4 or 5 for MUET. I'm aiming for the top.

My car's back. Hopefully, it'll stay like the fiddle it was.

I'm tired and it doesn't help with the nagging about the things that are already a burden.

And oh yes, I'm serious about throwing chairs and hiding in a corner after that. In need of the Saviour. Well, even a friend will do.

Bombarded by philosophies that satisfy the surface
I flee to something deeper at the risk of seeking purpose
How can I hang in this environmental state of being
When everything I'm striving for is nothing that I'm seeing.

-DC Talk

On another matter, I'll be going to receive a prize from Hari Anugerah Cemerlang in MGS. It's my first ever academic prize since I step foot in secondary school, so, this shows how terrible I am.

As an early bird for signing up for Starwalk (I think the 11th in my category), I've received a complimentary movie pass at GSC Ipoh Parade. Anyone game?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Go Figure.

Almost all the youths in Ipoh congregated at the Stadium for Starwalk 2009. But where was Yi Wen? She was still sleeping soundly in bed at 7:00 am - flag-off time for competition walkers. And yes, I joined the competition. A quick dash to the venue and I had to run all the way across the Perak Stadium to report. It was then I heard the first gun. Then, I ran all the way out and I heard a second shot. Wonderful. So, I started the race behind 2050 competitors and many lost non-competitors who were swept into the competition. I started out alright but after reaching Jusco, I felt like pulling out my gastrocnemius and soleus on both legs.

What irked me the most about Starwalk is:

1. Running competitors. It's a walk. People run during Starwalk, and walk like slow-pokes during International Run and hog up the road.

2. Litterbugs. Throw your plastic cups near the water station where the municipal workers are. Not 5 kilometres away from the water stations!

Thumbs up for brilliant Malaysians!

We had a gathering for the JPA leavers yesterday. Just ten of us. I must apologise for being extremely late due to certain circumstances that popped up last minute and it was the first time I drove in heavy rain in a jam at night. That's no excuse and thus, my thousand apologies. We were quite segregated - the 6 guys and the 4 girls - but that is probably because we've just been schooling together for a month and this is our first outing together. But otherwise it was quite alright. This is actually my first night outing with schoolmates in my whole life. Surprised?

Well, we are starting that blasted new four o'clock tomorrow which is rather enraging because teachers honestly have no idea and no resources from the MOE regarding Research and Development and also colloquium. So what are we to do during those extra hours? To quote our MUET teacher: "You can sleep and do whatever you want." Welcome to Malaysia, where everything is planned out in minute detail and students are lab rats.

Just yesterday, I was saying, "My car is now as fit as a fiddle" after it was discharged from a 3-day hospital stay. However, this morning, it started smoking and now it's leaking oil. My joy is short-lived. With all the money spent throughout the years for this Kancil, I could get a motorcycle. =.= So, no car for me tomorrow and probably the next.

Something tells me that this is going to make sense
Something tells me it’s going to take patience
Something tells me that this will all work out in the end
-Relient K

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Long Due "Apudeit"

Not to worry. I'm back after a long absence from the web. Thank you, Dad, in your efforts to get Jaring to revive the net!

Lots have happened. From the enjoyable Pangkor trip to the 25-essay load to a crazy week.

1. Pangkor - The Sand, Sea and Sun - My favourite combo

It was a nice small group for this fun-filled Boys' Brigade trip; a good opportunity to atune myself with BB and also to get to know the Upper 6s and also my 2 classmates. We had fun snorkeling, kayaking, bobbing in the sea, EATING and sitting on the rempit speed boat. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I enjoyed myself, I didn't bother to snap many pictures. Just check out the others' blogs or FB. I especially enjoyed the rich SEAFOOD DINNER and my stomach was a bottomless pit that night. YUM. The crabs.. I think I shocked the guys. ^^ Yummy ikan bakar but too bad we couldn't eat the jagung!

2. Holidays

Penang. What could be better? I went to school twice to learn how to play the 24-seasons drum. This is a whole different thing compared to rock drumming. Firstly, you have to hit real hard because the sticks are thick and short, and the thick cow's hide doesn't help. Secondly, you have to be positioned in a partial squat to ensure your body is level with the drum. Thirdly, you have to memorise sequences or 'flowers'. Fourthly, it's a prepared group performance and finally, you've gotta have some wushu style. Oops. Oh, and I got to play with a real sword!

3. Second semester

Yes, barely a month into school and we are already in the second sem. Well, so far, I love school. Okay, before you give me weird looks, let me clarify. I'm enjoying myself in great company while maintaining a balanced life. Being monitor to a class where a majority of students are guys and Chinese-schooled is no easy feat especially since I am a banana but, I really love my classmates and my desk-neighbours. However, dealing with my class teacher requires treading thin ice with great caution. So far, so good.

I've changed a great deal since coming to Form 6. A little more responsible, positive, cheerful and sociable. I've become a Suzy Sunshine now and no more moody mornings for me unlike those in MGS. The greatest part is becoming much better in Math. I could barely do any questions for logarithms in Form 5 but now, it's comparitively much better though not the best. Thank you, Sok Wai, for helping me so much.

Unlike last time, I didn't bother about applying to be a prefect. Why? Something different? I don't know. I've applied for the Voyager Board, which is the editorial board. I've been absorbed into BB and I've joined the Christian Fellowship again and of course badminton. Wushu is just a side activity and the monitorial board too. Better not be too active. Studies come first.

4. Crazy day

Yesterday, Thursday, was an incredibly hectic day. School, monitors' meeting, badminton club, Chemistry tuition and the IBIG Korean Praise and Worship. My badminton skills have deteriorated badly and gosh, what happened to my smashes? It was nice to see Uncle Ong and Reuben, one of Mr Lee's assistant coaches and have a decent chat with them.

Kay Lynn and I had dinner together after tuition. Then, as my car is hospitalised, Mr Sum came to pick us up. Thanks. (I know I've said this a million times already. ^^ But, I know that it was really out of the way actually.) The Koreans were fantastic! They were anointed by the Holy Spirit and Pastor Daniel Kim's message was reassuring and empowering. Spiritually empowering. Too bad it wasn't physically empowering because I was dead tired by then! I got to meet Chin Hui after ages. Sweet. And, yes, I was incredibly surprised about it. I think my eyes popped out of my skull for a moment. Unexpected. Seriously.

Fell asleep at my desk on my essay. Well... the introduction of my essay. Two glasses of coffee weren't enough to keep me today. The 3-hour Math Marathon didn't help either. My first BB meeting's tomorrow so, till then!

Be happy that I miss you, Zhi Hui!

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