Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wushu, Drums and The Art of Persuasion

Alright. I'm almost comfortable in ACS especially in the company of wonderful friends! We were streamed into classes and I'm currently in the first Physics class 6RB, which is a giant of 46 students but a dwarf of a classroom and with a towering monitor. But we fit. :)

Today, after the Teachers' Day organising committee discussion in the library, something beyond peculiar occured. Ms Mindy and Ms Chang were at the counter when Ms Mindy's eyes popped wide open upon seeing me. This was the exchange of words:

Ms Mindy: Mei Wen!
Me: Morning, teacher. It's Yi Wen.
Ms Mindy: Ah, yeah, Yi Wen. I dreamt of you last night. See, this intuition!
Me: ... *nervous laughter*
Ms Mindy: I dreamt that I told you not to play drums and be too involved in MADSoc because I wanted you to concentrate on your studies. And now, today, I see you here. Intuition!


Ms Chang: Girl, you play drums? Come here, come here.
Me: Yeah. *totters over with my school bag*
Ms Chang: We are forming a drum team under the Wushu Club. Would you like to join?
Me: Er. I just play rock but not things like that.
Ms Chang: Nevermind. Can already. It's the 24 inch drum. You know?
Me: *weird laughter*
Ms Chang: The government considered it as a warisan thing already and if a girl plays the drums, fuh! Come for practice today and you can perform on Teachers' Day! So you consider and I'll keep you in mind!
Ms Mindy: Welcome to ACS!

When I said eccentric in my previous post, I wasn't kidding. Maybe it's a "prophecy" to tell that I should not join MADSoc. Haha. (Btw, we were entertained by Nigel and Inuk's gay proposal during orientation!)

Well, I'm considering Ms Chang's invitation. It'll be quite cool, learning something new. But once again, STPM, STPM. And with Balakavitha and Beh trying to persuade us in applying for the prefectorial board, temptations, temptations that come with commitments!

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