Sunday, May 3, 2009


I'm never one to get affected by farewells. But now, it's different as people close to me are leaving in droves. We just had a farewell for Jason, Di-yan and Adelyn. It was also an advanced birthday celebration for Adelyn too.

There were many loops and errors here and there or the outing (my bad), but we managed to have a sumptious dinner at MP and as expected, we were the last to leave. We celebrated the trio under the night sky in Polo Ground. It was really nice, to me.

Girlfriend! Di-yan and I had many so-called girl talks after MYF and they were so enjoyable. You're one dependable guy who always notices when something's amiss. I guess that's your speciality and that's why you attract the girls! Haha. It's a joy to have you around and have a great time in TAR!

Jason! I got pretty close to him this year. Cherating brought out the considerate and caring side of him and I really enjoyed our Kampar eating trips too. I'll always enjoy the time when both of us were competing furiously with one another to obtain our driver's license first. Call it a big joke, we ended up having the same test dates, tester, and even getting our licenses on the same day! All the best in KL!

And Adelyn - one of the closest of my girl friends. I totally cherish the amount innumerable hours we spent together and although you're just going to be around on weekends, I hope busyness will not trap us in totallyseparate lives. I'm still waiting for you to be my driver! :)

Night out in Ipoh Padang.

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