Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Buat Sehabis Baik"

During my early years in MGS, the most frequently asked question directed to me by seniors was, "Why are you a girl guide while you sister is in Girls' Brigade?"

I was an active Cub Scout in my primary school days. Surprised? However, I was completely disappointed at the inactive state of the Girl Guides which made me just slip out of the scene after a while.

I was looking through my Scout log books and boy, I've missed all those years of fun and adventure. I was undecided between Scouting and the Red Crescent Society. But Dad, being a former Scout, persuaded me to take this path that I'll never regret.

My first camp to obtain my Bronze Dagger Badge was a challenge with boy scouts raiding my tent for childish revenge, missing belongings and terribly cold mornings. But, from there, it made me a tougher kid with a passion for Scouting.

I went for another one the following year to attain my Silver Dagger Badge. We had a chance to stay at a brand new school in Buntong - complete with rubberized tennis courts. The same year, I received the Gold Dagger Badge.

The third and final camp for the Cub Scout Lanyard was a state level camp at Ulu Chepor, Chemor and I remember being the only Chinese girl in the whole camp! We raced against time to complete our log books so that we would be able to pass the exams for the highest title for a cub. It constantly rained at the waterfall and we were made to build tripods with coarse wood and rope slathered with wet sand from the rain. It was painful but every knot had to be tight because our tripods would be tested for strength (a big fat guy would stand on the tripod. If it collapsed, you'd have to rebuild). I also fell sick that time, enabling me to head home for the night, then return. It was hard, but, a priceless experience.

My 5 thick log books.

Kinta Troop 123 memorabilia.

I've kept all my merit badges except one which I've lost - house keeping. Haha.

Scouting was an integral part of my childhood. It kept me away from being a softie of a girl. The harsh scolding, sweltering heat, terrible food - these were just minor bits that made up the big experience and knowledge. I still remember the Scout promise and the 10 laws.

Trusty. Self dignity.

Loyal to the King, country, superiors and those beneath you.

Useful and helpful

Friend to all states, race or religion.



Obedient, without questioning.

Patient and smiles during difficulty.


Clean and pure in thoughts, words and actions.

I believe that all these laws apply to everyone - scout or no scout. It's a sound and right way of living. I do think that everyone should have such a rewarding experience regardless of gender. I certainly am thankful to God and Dad for this and I miss Scouting a lot!

~Once a Scout, always a Scout. (But I'll be joining BB in ACS!)

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