Sunday, April 26, 2009


Call me "NERD".

I have been studying. The only thing that's on my mind is chemistry and pure mathematics. Indices, logarithms, relative atomic masses, mass spectrometer, emission spectrums..

Sounds heavy. But I'm actually enjoying this whole process of studying for the first time. Let's hope it stays on.

Mr Ang of the 3-hour Math Mania Marathon tuition is quite good and his mathematical problems are challenging but sitting on a hard bench for the entire marathon does no justice to my bottom. I quote the Chinese guy behind me: "Sit until my backside is burnt."

Good stuff: I've been offered a scholarship in the form of a 100% tuition fee waiver to study Cambridge GCE A-Levels in KTAR Kuala Lumpur. Undecided.

Bad stuff: I failed to gain a place for architecture in UiTM, which means I have only 5 shots left for my IPTA admission, of which, only 2 are for architecture.

On Friday, I received a sudden SMS from Kay Lynn:
2nite gt infernal affairs le. Ur beloved shawn yue! Nyek nyek! :)

Haha. I couldn't help but break into a huge grin. Karjie and I watched the whole of Infernal Affairs 2 for the second time enthusiastically despite knowing the whole plot. The whole very exciting plot. :)

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