Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Life is back to normal after the ACS production. Overall, the performance was pretty alright. I would not say that I've learn much from this as drums were kept minimum. However, it was something different playing for a drama. I've made several friends and acquaintances, and most of them are really funny and nice to have around. Unfortunately, I've got no pictures, only this one of the white drums in my little corner.

I'm still searching for scholarships but I can't find any. I guess I've ran through every possible scholarship on the net. I'm even applying for environmental engineering. HMM. Well, I'm pretty positive that I'll won't make it to the UK unless JPA grants me one. Bellerbys and Abbey are way to heavy on the money purse. :(

Since I'm so free now, I'm contemplating attending Form 6 tuition. Chemistry's settled. It's just Math, Physics and (perhaps) Biology. Dad thinks I should take 5 subjects for STPM. He sees a doctor, I see architect (or something else).

On a happier note, I WANT KIMCHI. My initial prejudice towards Korean food due to its unattractive presentation (as seen on TV) is now dispelled because I love the wonderful taste of kimchi jjigae. Dad took us out to Tomi Japanese Restaurant the other day and we had kimchi jjigae or kimchi stew. It tasted exactly like Sakae's Spicy Hotate Kimuchi Soup. (Note: "Hotate" is actually scallop.) Currently, I'm finding out how to make kimchi jjigae but where do I purchase kimchi itself?

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