Friday, April 17, 2009

Greasy Hair & Empty Roads

About late last year, I wrote about Infernal Affairs II (and Shawn Yue!). I finally caught the first film of the trilogy today. The 2002 crime-thriller Infernal Affairs is the sequel of IA2 starring Tony Leung Chiu Wai as Chan Wing-Yan and Andy Lau as Lau Kin-Ming. Shawn Yue portrayed the younger Yan while Edison Chen was the younger Ming in IA2. Spoilers ahead!

It has been 10 years since policeman Yan has been sent undercover into the triads and triad member Ming has infiltrated the police force. After the police academy principal Yip died, only Superintendant Wong (Anthony Wong) knows Yan's true identity. The long years have caused a deep longing in Yan to resume life as a normal citizen. A deal between triad leader Hon Sam (Eric Tsang) and Thai cocaine leader is interrupted by SP Wong and his team through Yan's tip-off using the Morse code. It dawns upon Wong and Sam that there is a mole on both sides. They can see the cards of their opponents, but they cannot see their cards. The plot thickens as both Yan and Ming are put in charge of eradicating the moles (themselves).

According to Wikipedia, tonight's film showed the alternative ending created specially for mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore, mainly to please the mainland officers by affirming that crime does not pay.

Overall, it was good but I got bored halfway. The plot was simpler compared to IA2. Plus, there was no Shawn Yue; just mere flashbacks. Tony Leung is a good actor, undeniably. But what happened to the clean and styled Yan despite being a triad member, now? Aiks.

The death of SP Wong was similar to Yip's - sudden and tragic - with Wong being thrown out of a high rise right onto the taxi which Yan just exited. The killings in IA2 were more discreet compared to this but not bloody like Shinjuku Incident. Knowing that Yan died (oops, spoiler!) does not make me excited for IA3.

A scene after interrogation after the cocaine deal is busted.

SP Wong: By the way, whoever loses the game will die.

Hon Sam: Let's see when you're gonna die.

SP Wong: Smiles and stands to shake hands with Sam.

Hon Sam: Ever seen someone shake a corpse's hand?

SP Wong: Laughs.

How morbid.


I failed to get into the Matriculation Programme but, I'm happy. I also am not shortlisted for Universiti Teknologi Malaysia's (UTM) architecture diploma interview. So, I've begin studying Form 6 Math on my own. But, I can't seem to get it. Real numbers, closure law, associative law... Hmm.

A mighty applause to the MGS CF for the wonderful Easter Harvest Event on the 17th of April. I wanted to drive to MGS today, but as a new driver, the thought of jams on the way was daunting. Before leaving home, I prayed that God would clear the jam. And true enough, there was barely any cars on the stretch of road all the way to MGS. Praise the Lord! Bruce Almighty parted the sea of cars, God wiped out the sea of cars! As Dad said, "See how much God loves you?"

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