Saturday, April 4, 2009

BIG God and BIG Idiots


If you think God is big, you will have no qualms of asking Him for big things. But if you think you should only ask for small, tiny things, it means God is small to you.

Thus in view of the recent JPA interview, I believe that there is no harm in asking God for the seemingly impossible - studying architecture in the UK. To me, the interview was fine, but, it may be a different story to the panel.

I was striken with a minor stomach ache on the way but by the grace of God, it was miraculously gone by the time I reached. Most of the girls were dressed in baju kurungs. I refuse to conform to the stereotypical Malaysian interview fashion!

I was placed together with Wai Nam (from Batu Gajah), two AMC girls and a Nibong Tebal Malay boy. Our panel was made up of Dr. Sani from UIA, a JPA guy and Ir. Muiz and they were nice. The topics given were:

1. Do you think that toll rates should be maintained or abolished?
Abolish the tolls within the states! For example, toll collection between Seberang Prai and Bagan Ajam - totally unnecessary. But, keep tolls from state to state. Just lower the rates since there are thousands of people commuting using the PLUS highways daily.

2. What do you think about the negative effects of the internet? What should be done?
I believe it starts from the household. Parents should monitor their children's usage of the net or put the PC in a public area of the house eg. the living room. The government should not be the one to impose censorship on the net. Different people have different moral standards. What if those in the censorship board were extremely conservative? That'll be restriction of freedom for most.

3. Is Malaysian sports up to par? How do we make it better if no?
In the case of football, get rid of the prima donna attitude! Don't do it for the big bucks. Do it for the country. Coaches, reiterate it constantly into the brains of the players (if they do have one). In the case of badminton, Lee Chong Wei's first round exit in Hyderabad could have been prevented if the team management was better. When the All-England was held, everyone wanted to go to Birmingham but nobody wanted to go to India. Where's the commitment? Athletes also should know better than to eat outside food too.

So, since my God is BIG, please God, let me go to UK soon!

On another matter, I was driving home from church after service with KJ and Sean. This Malay guy tried inching his way out of Jusco. When I stopped, he didn't move, but, as I moved on, he started moving, so, I veered out of the way. Later before the traffic lights, he overtook me and flashed the finger at me. I almost flashed it back at him, but I thought about my brother in the car. Okay, control. **** you, loser.

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