Sunday, March 29, 2009

With Christ in the Vessel

The JPA interview is coming up at the end of this week and I'm pretty relaxed at the moment and actually looking forward to it. According to statistics concerning JPA online, in 2007, there were 400 applicants for architecture. Out of that, 154 were short-listed for the interview and 40 were selected for the course. 39% were sent overseas - that's about 16 people. Let me be that 39% sent overseas, preferably UK!

With Christ in the vessel, I can smile at the storm,
Smile at the storm, smile at the storm.
With Christ in the vessel, I can smile at the storm,
Until He takes me home.

An old hymn Sam taught with actions at Youth Camp '06. I think the lyrics are correct..

It was nice badminton fun on Saturday, this time with a different group. Hmm. I noted my terrible play in doubles. Gotta brush up for better agility and quicker reflexes. My exercise partner's gone to KL for a lengthy 2 weeks, so, I doubt my lazy bones are going to start moving again.

Well, I'll be going to Penang tomorrow for the Education UK 2009 exhibition in the G Hotel at Gurney Drive with Karjie by bus. Hopefully, we'll have a safe journey to Penang and especially from the terminal to Gurney by RapidPenang. :)

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