Tuesday, March 31, 2009

To Thumb A Ride


Simple. Hop on Rapid Penang Bus 304 and you are on the right course. So, we thought. But travelling from the south-eastern side of Penang island to the north-eastern side wasn't that simple, because, we didn't know which side of Sg. Dua Road to wait at.

Bus, bus, bus...

Karjie and I ended up getting on a rickety bus to Komtar and transitting on Rapid 101 to Bagan Jermal. From there, we followed a McDonald's woman all the way to Gurney Plaza (we assumed she worked there). During the journey, we saw a massive crowd gathering by the roadside. There was a massive accident involving a trailer and a motocycle. The motorcyclist (pressumably) perished and was covered with a white cloth.

Source: The Star, 1 April 2009.

Hunger overtook and we headed for Sakae Sushi for late lunch. And here's the yummy lunch menu:

Tamago Nigiri Sushi

Unagi & Tempura Bento

Spicy Hotate Kimuchi Soup

and my ever-favourite (refillable)


premium green tea with roasted brown rice!


Note the fish lips. XD

KJ says I look like the Sakae Frog. =.=

The Education UK Fair was very small - 22 universities only. There wasn't much for the SPM-leaver, just Bellerby's and Abbey.

Our aunt picked us up from there and we headed to Queensbay Mall. We met up with our uncle and headed to Dragon-i, a Shanghainese restaurant overlooking Jerejak Island and the Penang Bridge. The speciality - la mian or hand-pulled noodles.

I ordered Hot & Spicy Szechuan La Mian. I usually have no problem with spicy food but this was FUISH! As the word "Szechuan" implies, the noodles were sourish with the famous salted vegetable. The soup was mildly starchy and tasted like shark fin's soup. After a while, I got pretty full with the generous helping! We had Xiao Long Bao - pork dumplings with hot soup inside. But my soup had leaked out. :( The chefs are specially from China and Hong Kong and their open kitchen concept allows the public to see these sifus at work pulling the la mian.

Travelling without supervision is a true adventure - relying purely on public transport. Backpacking around Penang is one on my must-do list. Hopefully, it'll be soon! This trip makes me want to go back to Cherating and Macau.

Macau! Recognise this Boys Over Flowers fans? Ep. 13 I think. :)

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