Thursday, March 12, 2009

Judgement Day?

I quote En Jun: Today is JUDGEMENT DAY.

The uno numero question that everyone's asking this March 12th is...


Well, my expectation was 8 As minimum. As we entered school, Karjie said, "I'll bet 5 cents that you'll get more than 9 As."

"Huh? 5 cents; so little. But I'll lose that 5 cents."


I lost that 5 cents.

I scored 5 A1s, 4 A2s and 2 B3s. That's probably good - 9 As.

Thank God for the surprising A1 in History and for no Cs.

But, I really hoped for an A1 for BM especially since I got an A1 for trials and also for Bible Knowledge since I worked so much on it. And at least an A2 for that Add Math paper. Probably my chances in getting a JPA scholarship in architecture is much slimmer. So, I'll be depending on my cocurriculum greatly.

But all in all, thank God!
Okay, on a second thought, maybe I'm not so happy with what I've got. But, well, make do with what you have. =/

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