Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Fry Mean Eggs

I'm supposed to be watching my other Korean drama - Hateful, But Once Again (or Again, My Love) but Dad has conquered the TV, so maybe I'll just catch it later on mysoju.

After hearing Steven's stories of the JPA medical career exposure, I wished that I could just go to see it. Not that I'm very interested in medicine, but I just enjoy the process of learning. Concerning JPA, I've been short-listed for the architecture course interview that will be held on the 3rd of April.

I'm vying the Monbukagakusho Scholarship to Japan in 2010. For this, I'm applying for dentistry. Yes, I know it is a total opposite of architecture, but, there aren't many choices in physics for me. I'm game on learning Japanese for a year and I really want it more than JPA (unless they send me to UK!). I may even be able to travel to Korea (muahaha...) and China! God, please, please!

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