Monday, March 9, 2009

Gender Confusion

No, I'm not confused about my gender and neither am I opting for a sex change. Instead, it's me being constantly mistaken as a member of my opposite sex. This happens so frequently that I have even lost count of these recurring events. Here are some 'memorable' confusions so far:

Confusion #1 I guess I was about Standard 6 or Form 1 when I went into the Sentosa Coffee shop to ta pau some coffee. The old lady there asked, "What do you want, leng chai?" After placing my order, receiving it and the change, again she went, "Thank you, leng chai."

Confusion #2 Just in January, I went to the butcher to purchase some pork bones (for boiling soup). And again, "What do you want, leng chai?" Guess he's been seeing to much pork till he can't tell apart guys and girls.

Confusion #3 I went to buy wan tan mee where there was an Indian woman in line before me. Her hand was injured and there was some sort of brown paste medicine on her palm, so she had difficulty fishing the money out from her pocket.

"Boleh tolong pegang?" she asked, waving a 1 dollar note.


She pulls out the rest of her money and I return her the note. She laughs and says, "Good boy, good boy."


Confusion #4 This just happened today, this evening, to be precise. We were going to have a take away dinner tonight, so, Mom and I went to the nearby coffee shop. While I was taking away my kuey kak, Mom was at the popiah stall. The popiah guy commented to Mom, "Wah, your son is very tall, huh?"

A very girly Korean-hairstyled son indeed.

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