Friday, March 20, 2009

Flowers of Interest

I've been following the Korean drama craze - BOYS OVER FLOWERS - for the past few weeks. Adapted from the Japanese manga, it is about a poor, spunky girl Geum Jandi who is transfered to Shinhwa High, a school for the ultra rich. She encounters the F4 (Flower Four) - four rich and rather spoiled boys.

Geum Jandi is played by Goo Hye-seon whose parents operate a dry cleaner. One day, on delivery to Shinhwa, she saves a suicidal student. To prevent further furore, she is offered a scholarship to study there. However, she cannot gel well and gets a "Red Card" from the F4. As the whole school starts bullying her, she meets Jihu on the stairs and develops feeling for "the only one who cares". But, Junpyo soons has feelings for her and things get a little sticky.

I can't help being tickled and amused by Junpyo's auntie-style permed hair. Very interesting. :) Although he's mighty spoilt, I really like his terrible usage and misquoting of Korean proverbs and sayings and actor Lee Min Ho's funny expressions.

But my favourite is So Yijeong who is played by Kim Beom (who is one reason why I watch the show!). Yijeong, one of the F4, is a gifted potter and gained reputation for his talent in ceramics. He's a playboy but is pretty warm-hearted and nice, and Jandi's friend, Gaeul, seems to have some affection for him.

Kim Beom!

He seems kinda Takeshi Kaneshiro-esque in this shot. :)

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