Saturday, March 14, 2009

Burn It, Gain It

I had yet another driving lesson today as my test is coming soon on Wednesday. The early rain and the morning rush got me frazzled but I managed to get to church in time and in one piece.

Finally, after many weeks of liaising and persuasion, I managed to join the guys for badminton. Eight guys and a girl - Hong, Philip, Ste, Dibin, Wayne, Sum, Kok, Jin and I. HM. But it was enjoyable, nonetheless, especially with Philip's constant crapping. I had the opportunity of playing several matches and wahh.. it was very "song" to just sweat it out a little. A lil' comment here: Dibin's game is so good; very clean and powerful. FUH. I wish I could go up to his level.

We inevitably had ais kacang due to Philip's craving and pasembor too. Yum. Then, together with Dibin, "Driver Ali" drove us home. They intended to visit KJ, but, too bad, she was napping. It was a fun outing. =)

Just to add: My thousand apologies, Shao and thanks for the rides home. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PHILIP!

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