Friday, February 6, 2009


Long overdue, but the AF-Cubed had our CNY visitation. We went to several houses, namely, Jason, Daniel, Adelyn, mine and Xing Yao. Adelyn left for NS again that very day but Di Yan joined us. There were so many people that they were like illegal immigrants going to be deported in our my small living room.

I've been addicted to nerdy games like WordChallenge on Facebook and single player chess.

You've got to make this become...

...this, to be considered to have "advanced mentality".


It was Matka's (Polish for "mother") birthday yesterday. So, Karjie and I decided to whip up a surprise meal for her. The menu:

Appetiser: Potato Onion Soup with Croutons

Main Course: Applesauce Chicken

Side Dish: Honey Melon and Carrot Salad

Dessert: Mango Puree & Almond Vanilla Ice-cream

Karjie working hard peeling potatoes.

Hugo predicted that Mom would go through a "second childhood" for she would have to eat McDonald's instead for her birthday because we would screw up the cooking. But he was wrong!


The applesauce was easy enough to make, but my smart sis forgot to peel the skins of the apples. The chicken was a heckuva problem. ISH.

No pics of the yummy dessert though. It was yummy to me.

We had our third AF-Cubed meeting in AGI's house. Shao Wen cycled from his house on his silver antique bike. Haha. We went over a chapter of the book No Wonder They Call Him The Saviour by Max Lucado. After lunch, we were supposed to do the youth camp '08 video, but naturally, we didn't. We learnt up and played Killer Bunnies in preparation for board games week on February 15. It's the most confusing card game to play but very fun. Jason won both sets.

The guys in AGI's.

After most had left AGI's house, there was only Hugo, Kevin, Jason and myself left. So, Hugo decided to teach me Chor Dai Di. Well, I actually learnt it at youth camp '05 but I forgot. While teaching, he and Jason began to debate about their different styles of playing and who was right. It was so confusing but I think Hugo won the argument. We started on the first round and I won hands down because I had all four twos. Beginner's luck. The cards were dealt again. In coalition with Karjie, I beat the three guys again!

On Joy's request, I checked out this. Darren singing in NZ!

Well, Jess is leaving and so is Xing Yao. I'm really sorry I did not make it to your surprise farewell tonight, Jess. And thousands of apologies to Nyit Yi and Ee Xin too.

Cherating's next week, but I'm down with the sniffles again. I hope Hugo goes.

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