Thursday, January 1, 2009

To the New Year!

I welcomed 2009 with a great big earth-shaking KERCHOO! and thousands of sniffs and coughs.

I spent the last day of 2008 in church gearing up with 3 other ill band members and the virus-resistant Jess. It was not too bad (only that I produced many "white wantons") and I learnt several things from QV. Five hours of practice sent me into a peaceful deep slumber. :) Then, I was up for band for the Watchight Service in church. I spent almost the whole day at the drums so, God bless the next person who sits there. Virus-infested.

Late, I know, but here are some pics from the yesteryear.

It was the Tangyuan Festival or Winter Solstice. So, we made tong yuen. It's pretty simple actually. Glutinous dough is rolled into balls and gula melaka is stuff as the center filling. Then, it is boiled till it floats.

The cooked balls are then put in screwpine leave syrup. Simple.

And the Youth Christmas Event. Okay but the revellers were rowdy.


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